How to Make It to the Olympics

How to Make It to the Olympics


Hunter is determined to make it to the Olympics and is taking a strategic approach to achieve his goal. He is reaching out to the best coaches in his network and discussing the likelihood of him making it to the Olympics with them. He is also asking them to create a blueprint of how they would get to the Olympics and shortcut all the years they have been putting in. Hunter is also determined to be good at cutting corners, not in the way that he doesn't put in hard work, but he finds a way to get to the front of the line quickly.

Hunter has been paddling against a multiple time national champion under 18 and is getting closer to beating him. He is also good at picking up on when his competitors are trying to hold back and not show that they are tired.

Hunter understands that the enemy is not the boat or the kid in front of him, but the water and fatigue. He also understands that the key to success is improving his technique so that he doesn't fatigue as easily. He also suggests that he should start paying attention to his heart rate and getting a VO2 max test in the sport to see how he can improve.

Overall, Hunter is taking a strategic and focused approach to make it to the Olympics. He is seeking advice from experienced coaches, working hard to improve his technique, and paying attention to his physical condition to achieve his goal.

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