Tactical Games Athlete - "Rocky Mountain" Matt Kempson

Tactical Games Athlete - "Rocky Mountain" Matt Kempson

Who is "Rocky Mountain" Matt Kempson?

Matt Kempson, also known as Rocky Mountain Kempson, is a seasoned athlete with a career spanning over nine years in the obstacle course racing world. He has competed in a variety of events such as mud runs, TMX, tactical games, and HYROX, among others.

Morning Wood Radio Talk Show

Kempson started his athletic career in 2013 with obstacle course racing and quickly became one of the top competitors in the sport. Over the years, he has evolved and shifted his focus to different events that have piqued his interest. In 2013, he was fully invested in the mud run game and lived in Durango, Colorado. However, in the following years, he moved on to the more strength-oriented events such as TMX and HYROX.

What are the Tactical Games?

Two years ago, Kempson was introduced to tactical games by Rob Killian and was immediately drawn to the event due to its shooting component. He threw all his chips in and dedicated a season to competing in tactical games, which he found to be an incredible experience. However, due to some personal turmoil, he had to take a break from competing for a year and focus on fixing up his house.

What is the most athletic event?

When asked about the fittest version of himself throughout his athletic career, Kempson said that it would depend on the day. But if he had to choose one, he would pick his time competing in TMX. He said that the training style for TMX was the best balance of heavy lifting and running, and he felt strong, fast, and well-rounded during that time.

When is a good time to retire from sports?

When Kempson was asked about what he thinks he will do when he retires, he said that he doesn't think he will ever be able to give up competing. He believes that competition is in his blood and he can never completely stop competing in one form or another. However, he acknowledges that he needs to be smarter about the events he picks, and he will never do an Iron Man.

In conclusion, Matt Kempson is a highly experienced athlete with a rich and diverse history in the obstacle course racing world. He has competed in a variety of events and has found success in each one. He is a true competitor at heart and will always continue to push himself to new limits.