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One on one coaching is the highest level of service that we provide at HAOS. This is an opportunity to work with Hunter to reach your specific goals through zoom consultations and personally designed programs. If you are looking to increase your strength, lean out or even run a 100 miler our one on one coaching is the best approach to help you reach your goals. 

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What Our Current Members are Saying

"I started the LGN program probably 2.5 months ago just trying to get in better shape after getting fat with the gyms closed. I stuck with it 100% strict, kept a super tight diet, and lost about 15lbs. At the end of my cut I planned something I thought would push me to stay consistent, and scheduled a summit attempt of Mt. Shasta. Long story short, after 11hrs of climbing I made it. Don’t think I could have done it without your programming… Thanks again for what you do.”

-Adrian Austin

"I became a Haos client right at the beginning of Covid (April 2020) after I was tired of working out at a ‘mirror gym’ chain in town. At the same time I joined a new gym down the street where I could start focusing Haos Pro. As a guy who previously didn’t take fitness seriously, I’ve made some pretty ridiculous firsts and strides in my fitness through Hunter’s programming and guidance in 12 months. July 2020 I tried Murph for the first time (43:08 w/ vest), finished 78th percentile in my first CF Games, and Competed (1 hour 15 minutes) in my first Hyrox. A year ago, my fitness was limited to a light-moderately intense hour gym session... Planned training for goals/events were never on my radar. Bottom line: I’m actually an athlete and way further along today than I was before I started with Hunter. His knowledge, personal experience and training with the best people in the industry is poured into his programs... If you put in the hours and effort necessary, you’re going to get results. Period. 

Huge shout out to Hunter for molding me into what I am right now! Truly cannot thank him enough… If anyone out there is reading and looking for a legit training plan, Haos worked for me and it can work for you."

-Kyle Cokinos

"Since joining HAOS I ran my fastest mile ever, crushed some mountains along the way, ran my first half marathon, increased my bench and squat by 30 pounds in two months."

-Ryan Dahl

"Deciding to join HAOS Training was a no-brainer for me.  I’ve tried several other coaches out there, but I chose the PRO program because I have decided to focus on the Hyrox/Deka/Stadion events. It only made sense to mirror my training like the best athlete out there in those events!  Since following HAOS, I have seen noticeable gains in my lifts and overall race performances- including several race podiums! The programming makes sense, is easy to understand, and is designed to be sport specific to get stronger and faster!"

"Only few athletes in the world have a very strong mindset. They will not look for second or third places. They will get very upset when they don’t reach first places. That guy is Hunter McIntyre. I reached out to him because I want to win races under a proper program. He has been very helpful as a Coach, very professional and knows many techniques on how to become a very competitive athlete. In only 8 weeks he was able to help me and taking me to my first podium on Spartan Race. Looking forward of many events to come and be trained by him! Thanks man you are a champion!"

-Tono Moldonado

HAOS OCR - I’ve been doing Hunter McIntyre workouts for years that I’ve screenshot from Instagram, heard from in podcasts featuring him, and anything else I could get my hands on. I’ve also done three of his training guides, but they don’t quite hold a candle to being part of the HAOS team on a daily basis. I know workouts, and I’m in damn good shape, but his workouts take me above and beyond anything I could put together on my own. The sequence is meticulous; he definitely has a plan from the get-go and knows how to build from week to week. The part I like most is the accountability. I know what I’m good at, and it’s easy for me to cut corners when I’m doing my own plan. This brings me out of my comfort zone, and I’m excited to see how much more fit and ready for obstacle course racing I get through his program.

MURPH Guide - How is this guide free? Want a great introduction to what Hunter McIntyre has to offer? Look no further; this training guide is packed with awesome workouts! You can tell it’s meticulously planned, as everything McIntyre puts out is. It builds throughout and  gets you insanely strong! I followed this guide to a T, and it got me absolutely jacked and strong as hell! Not only did I get strong, but my engine could run on high for longer than I was used to. I loved this plan, and I will definitely be going back to it again down the road.

-Chris Johnson

Hunter is an open book and he so willingly shares with those behind him and those that look up to him and that's very cool. I've messaged and reached out to other high caliber athletes before and heard absolutely nothing. But not Hunter, he's super helpful and just a very genuine guy. I've been transitioning from a Crossfit athlete to more of an OCR and endurance athlete and Hunter has helped me to understand that I need to maintain my strength and size and just build the engine underneath that. Most recently, I went for a 5 mile neg split run and got my last 2 miles at sub 7 pace and was comfortable doing it! And just this morning I went on another 6 mile run, aiming for negative splits, got out in 7:19 and held my last 4 miles at sub 7 with my fastest being 6:38. Those numbers would have been a dream just a few months ago. Thank you Hunter for sharing your program and your body of knowledge!

Hunter Maynard