Race Ready - 10 Week OCR Training Guide
Race Ready - 10 Week OCR Training Guide
Race Ready - 10 Week OCR Training Guide
Race Ready - 10 Week OCR Training Guide

Race Ready - 10 Week OCR Training Guide

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Ready to take your performance to the next level?! It's time to get serious about your training, so you can get into the best shape of your life, reach the podium and start hitting personal records! 

I've worked with the best coaches in the strength training and running industry to design the most unique and effective training program possible for Obstacle Course Racing and overall strength and fitness. Over the years as a world-class athlete and trainer, I've acquired several professional training & fitness certifications, as well as studied countless sports performance books that I've used to help design this program. I'm excited to share the results of what I've learned with you so that you all can get in the best shape of your life, have fun with it, and race to the best of your abilities! 

This 10 week progressive program has every workout laid out for you in an easy-to-follow guide; it covers ALL ASPECTS of your training, from heavy lifting, running, intervals and agility, to mobility, rest and recovery. It's designed with variability and scalability to ensure that, no matter where you're starting from, you can become your strongest, fittest and fastest! This is what I’m personally using to get ready for OCR’s hardest races!

Whether you plan to compete in obstacle course racing, or you just simply want to get fitter, faster, stronger and better-looking... This program is for you!



I started noticing I got better results when doing workouts that weren’t always focused so much on running. It gave me more strength and allowed me to recover more easily from hard efforts. Here's a sample workout from Week 3 of the program:

Part 1. Heavy Lift:

A. Complete 5x5 @ 70% of your max PULL UP

B. Complete 4x10 @ 70% of your max Split Squat

C. Complete 4x3 @ 70% of your max hang clean


Part 2. Balance and Carry Circuit - 3x

A. 8-12 reps of sing leg glute bridge

B. Front Rack hold - 30 seconds (as heavy as possible)

C. Banded good morning - 60 seconds


Part 3. PM WOD - Chipper

- Row 2k

- 50 Pull ups

- Row 1k

- 30 C2B Pull ups

- Row 500m

- 10 Bar muscle ups