Meet The A-Team

The Crew That Keeps The Ship Sailing At Full Speed


    Founder of HAOS and BLDR Sports, Program Expert, Bulk Pony.

    Hunter is the man behind all concepts and direction of HAOS Training. When he has his eyes on a goal, there is nothing that you can put in his way to stop him. He has 10+ years of fitness knowledge and has read over 1,000 fitness books. He has accumulated over the years 8 training certifications, 9 World Titles and 4 World Records.


    Ryan has the given the job title of "The Swiss Army Knife" of HAOS Training. His official title is Operations Manager/Right Hand Man. He wears multiple hats and takes care of everything behind the scenes from customer service, daily communication, social media content, and support staff. He gets to learn new things daily and is always ready to help.