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With over a decade worth of training experience, our mission is to help educate you so you can become your best self. This is the online-training community you have been looking for. Let me help you transform your body by building new habits and breaking bad habits.

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  • Jess W.

    I was introduced to HAOS by a friend who shares a similar training philosophy & decided to give it a try.  After a few weeks, I was seeing monumental improvements in my running stamina, aerobic capacity, and speed. I was even building strength as well!

    After searching extensively for a program that builds a better athlete, I finally found that with Hunter and HAOS Pro.  As 44-year-old mother of four, my passion for progress has been reignited.  I'm so grateful to be a part of HAOS. The training programming really does make it possible to do it all & do it WELL!  Thank you, HAOS!

  • Kyle C.

    I weigh 182lb on the right (before the 8-week challenge), and I now weigh 185.5 today. Sticking to a program works and I attribute all these results to the great programming we have with HAOS. My PR for this last cycle includes Bench 4x: 215lb to 265lb. I also increased my seated strict press 8x 50lb db to 65lb db. I am now deadlifting 4x 345lb.

  • Marshall C.

    My weight has stayed the same throughout the last 8 week cycle, however, I have increased my Bench from 245lb to 325lb, my squat from 345lb to 405lb which for me are both life time Personal Records!

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