OCR Champ - VeeJay Jones

OCR Champ - VeeJay Jones

Who is VeeJay Jones?

VeeJay Jones is a two-time Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) world champion, having won the title in 2021 and 2022. Jones is one of only three professional obstacle course racers, a rare breed in the sport. Despite his success, Jones has struggled to explain to people what he does for a living and how obstacle course racing is a professional sport. However, with the conversation now surrounding the inclusion of obstacle racing in the Olympics, Jones sees this as an opportunity to help change that perception and make the sport more well-known and understood.

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Will OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) become an Olympic Sport?

Jones believes that for obstacle racing to be included in the Olympics, the sport needs to be more well-defined and consistent, making it more interesting for spectators and more in line with traditional sports. While this may make the sport less interesting for athletes, Jones sees the potential for obstacle racing to be included in the Olympics as a huge opportunity. He is particularly excited about the new format that Spartan Race is moving towards, which includes 3K and short course racing with a lot of obstacles, as it plays into his own skillset.

VeeJay Jones

Overall, Jones is excited about the possibility of obstacle racing being included in the Olympics and is eager to see what the format will look like. He is hopeful that the sport will be presented in a way that accurately represents the athleticism and excitement of obstacle course racing. The time frame for obstacle racing to be included in the Olympics is currently unknown.