Why My Friends Don't Support My Small Business

Why My Friends Don't Support My Small Business

Why None of Hunter's Friends Support His Sports Hydration Supplement BLDR

Hunter and his friend recently went on a camping trip in Durango where they went on a mountain bike ride. After several days of intense physical activity, his friend's body shut down and he struggled to keep up with Hunter. This is when he suggested that his friend try BLDR, a sports hydration supplement.

What Is BLDR?

BLDR Product

BLDR is a performance drink that goes beyond just electrolytes and is meant to be used before and during exercise. The supplement is a mixture of hydration and performance-enhancing ingredients, such as BCAAs, to aid in recovery and muscle growth. Hunter has been using BLDR for some time now and has noticed significant improvement in his performance and recovery. He even mentioned that, at a cost of $1.75 per serving, BLDR is a good deal compared to other electrolyte drinks.

Why Won't Your Friends Support Your Small Business?

Unfortunately, Hunter's friend was not supportive of the supplement and even asked for a free sample. This led Hunter to reflect on why none of his friends seem to support his sports hydration supplement BLDR.

While the reasons for this lack of support are not clear, it could be due to several factors, such as the friends' lack of understanding of the supplement and its benefits, or perhaps they simply have different preferences when it comes to hydration and recovery products.

Be a Good Friend

Regardless of the reason, it's important for athletes to find what works best for them and their bodies. Whether it's BLDR or another product, the right supplement can make a huge difference in their performance and recovery.