Government Games Rivals - Trash Talking Strategy

Government Games Rivals - Trash Talking Strategy

What are the Government Games?

Hunter McIntyre is joining a team of six men who are participating in the Government Games, which is an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle race, escape room, and strongman competition. The event is taking place from March 2nd to March 5th and the team will be getting together for an intense training camp before the competition. The team is confident in their abilities, as they have trained for similar events before and have a solid track record.

First Episode of the Government Games YouTube Series

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We know that the competition will not be easy, with many other top teams participating, including a superstar obstacle course racing team from Colorado and two superstar CrossFit teams from the UK and US. But our team is confident in their abilities and ready to put up a fight.

How will Team Razzle Dazzle Respond to the Competition?

As part of our trash talking strategy, we are sending a message to our competitors, letting them know that we will be putting up a big whooping on them in front of the whole competition. We plan to release a video promoting our team every Thursday leading up to the competition.

One team member, Hunter, has a knack for getting under people's skin and making them feel insecure about themselves. This is a tactic he has perfected over the years, having competed in many championships against opponents like Hobie Call.

 "I would show up and talk to Hobie. I'd be like, Hey man, I just want you to know after I win this race, I'm gonna spend all this money on beer and your kids are gonna starve. And I'd smile and walk away"

Despite the trash talking, Hunter and Hobie have always maintained a great relationship, proving that competition doesn't always have to ruin friendships.

Whether or not this strategy works remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the Government Games is going to be an exciting event with a lot of talented athletes participating.