Highly catered to athletes who are partial to OCR events.

Core training

Pacing performance

Running Performance

Grip training

OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing. As the name implies, this is highly catered to athletes who are partial to OCR events, such as Spartan Races, Savage Races, Tough Mudder, etc. This is highly geared toward developing overall running capacity, speed work, endurance and compromised running.

Depending on the cycle, the specific focus will emphasize one of the above attributes, and will primarily be 70:30 run:strength work.

While there is strength work, most of it is designed as a form of metabolic conditioning in EMOMs, AMRAPs or chippers.


Who Is This For?

Any person or athlete that wants to train for a Tough Mudder, Spartan or Savage Races. that wants want your primary focus to be improved running performance. Whether you’re a marathon racer or OCR athlete.

Time Commitment & Frequency

1 session per day, 6x per week on average. 45 minutes to 90 minutes per day. Sometimes up to 2 hours total if we are doing 2-sessions per day.

Experience Level

Any. However, many advanced movements are required. Scaled to your fitness capabilities.

Equipment Needed

Free weights, machines, pull-up bar, plyo boxes, KBs, DBs, resistance bands, and trail access. Substitution options are available.


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HAOS designs workouts in 4 different program models: Pro, Look Good Naked, OCR, and the Intro Athlete. Tap 'Workout Programs' at the top of the page for a detailed description. Hunter and our team will upload workouts on the app, Wodify, every week. Our programs are designed with a structure of progressive overload and periodization. HAOS also offers one-on-one coaching to focus on your specific needs and goals!

Each program will vary, and required equipment will be listed in the description of our “Workout Program Tab”. Equipment includes dumbbell weights, stationary machines, erg machines (ski, row, bike), assault bikes, medicine balls, sleds, kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, and plyo boxes. The frequency of each of these is dependent on the specific program and specific training cycle.

No problem! We’re a perfect program for you if you have limited equipment. Check out our Intro Athlete program!

Depending on the program, our shortest workouts are found in Intro Athlete and take for 30 minutes to complete. Most of our other programs take between 45-90 minutes to complete.

Yes! The Intro Athlete Program is for all fitness levels, but many beginners are partial to this because the movements, while effective, are simple and easy to learn. Additionally, all of our programs give you the option to scale the workouts to your fitness capabilities.

Ask our team! Our coaches are eagerly awaiting to assist you by providing you with a thorough analysis of how to perform a certain workout or movement, and are even happy to provide instructional videos!

The training is divided in specific cycles to focus on a given aspect of training. For example, HAOS Pro will go through a 2-month strength cycle with the focus being on strength and muscle development while maintaining aerobic conditioning. Other cycles will include more volume and aerobic conditioning. Annual periodization is the key to ensuring your progress!

Yes! Please ask us if we can personally assist you with 1:1 coaching to allow you to reach goals specific to you!

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The Customer care team is standing by to help you with questions, concerns about your membership.  If you want to cancel your membership, please email haostraining@huntermcintyre.com