Hunter has been competing at a professional level in obstacle course racing since 2012. He has competed in distances from the TMX 1 mile all the way up to Worlds Tough Mudder 24hour races. His knowledge of strength and conditioning has allowed him to train for both race distances earning wins at the highest level in each of these categories.

This program is a 70/30 split of conditioning and strength to help athletes run their fastest while being the strongest they can possibly be on a course. If you are looking to conquer your first event or even contend for a championship title this program will help you get there.

$19.99 Monthly Program Includes:

-5 to 6 days a week of training.

-Kick ass in distances ranging from 3-15 miles.

-2-3 days in the gym paired with 3-5 day of cardio a week.

-Less heavy lifting, more lightweight/high rep workouts