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We transform people both mentally and physically to transform lives.

Racing has been in my blood for 13 years. I have accumulated 9 world titles and 3 world records covering 3 different sports in that time.

If you want to know the championship formula, you have come to the right place.

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  • Hunter McIntyre

    9 World Titles and 4 World Records are just some of the collection of medals Hunter has won over the years. He has also been featured on Sports Illustrated Top 50 fittest athletes. His credentials for fitness and racing cover the last 13 years. He's helped transform 1,000's of athletes from average joes, to top contenders. Hunter has been to the top of the mountain and he wants to help you reach your dreams too.

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  • Coach Parker Gregory

    Husband, father, triathlete, coach and trainer for over 10 years. Our programs are specially designed with you in mind! I want to help you hit your goals and realize YOUR potential- not someone else’s. Everyone has a different starting line, and we need to focus on yours.

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