Functional Training Performance

FTP - Functional Training Performance


Who is FTP for?
FTP is designed to help athletes in the functional fitness world perform at their highest level. This training is an intermediate to advanced program that needs the experience to handle the volume and level of skill involved with this style training. If you want to be competitive this CrossFit season, this is your program! 

What to expect from the FTP program:
Our Functional Training Performance program includes 5-6 workouts per week, often with multiple workouts per day. The training is structured mainly around compound and olympic lifts, paired with gymnastic and HIT cardio to accelerate your performances on game day. Expect a 60-120 minute commitment to training daily. 

What equipment is necessary for FTP?
This program will need a full gym to best accomplish this type of training. Barbells, dumbbells, multiple cardio machines including rowers and assault bikes, gymnastic equipment including rings and bars.