Pro package is what Hunter is doing daily with his training. This program is to prepare for spartan race, CrossFit, Hyrox, trail races and any kind of event that may include and all styles of modern day sport.

We call it pro because it is our highest level of work to reach the highest level of performance in sport. Hunter is following a yearly periodization model that allows Peak performance for specific events that he will be competing in. The goal is to be at 90% of peak fitness year rounds and allow the ability to hit peak fitness in 4-6 weeks when competition season on.

This program will include 3-5 days in the gym and 3-8 cardio sessions a week. During peak training athletes will be programmed up to 20 hours plus of work load. Any athlete who signs up for this program should be experienced in the gym and have the ability to handle two workouts a day most days of the week. You are always able to scale the work load to best suit your level of fitness and needs. 

$39.99 Monthly Program Includes:

-The exact workouts Hunter is doing, down to each rep.

-Compare workout scores with other athletes following the program.

-6 days of workouts per week.

-Easy to use app!