Who is HAOS Pro for?
HAOS Pro is for those really looking to take their training and racing to the next level. It’s an intense program with a larger time commitment and is geared towards those who have the motivation and ambition to really push. It’s a winning combination of strength and cardio that will help you become your fittest self, on and off any race course.

What to expect from the HAOS Pro program:
The HAOS Pro program includes 6 workouts per week, often with multiple workouts per day. Get ready for some heavy strength, structured run training, cross-training, and HIIT circuits. Plan on spending 1-3 hours on training per day with this program.

What equipment is necessary for HAOS Pro?
Members of the HAOS Pro program will want access to most traditional gym equipment in order to complete most of the strength and circuit workouts. If you are considering this program, you should have a solid background in running and strength training already in order to be able to keep up with the programming.

$39.99 Monthly Program Includes:

-The exact workouts Hunter is doing, down to each rep.

-Compare workout scores with other athletes following the program.

-6 days of workouts per week.

-Easy to use app!