is specifically designed by Hunter himself, and is modeled after his annual periodization training program.

Pro is the athlete’s program. Consisting of a true hybrid strength + conditioning regimen. This is divided into training blocks and encompasses a full training year.

This is highly beneficial for athletes who look to improve their overall fitness, athleticism and performance, and has an amazing crossover to most sports.

Whether you’re a Hyrox or Deka athlete, or you’re looking to get in top-notch shape during off-season TO ANOTHER SPORT, Pro is THE PROGRAM FOR YOU. Each cycle generally focuses on 3 weeks of hard work followed by a week of lowered volume as a recovery week. EACH SPECIFIC CYCLE  LASTING 8-16 WEEKS. 

 This is for you if: You want to be a well rounded athlete with a strong aerobic system while possessing physical strength AKA BEING A HYBRID ATHLETE. THIS IS WORLD'S TOP Hyrox and Dekafit TRAINING PROGRAM. 

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  • Who Is This For?

    HYROX, DEKA, Spartan competitor, Marathoners, Crossfitters, Ironman, Military PT Tests, Rugby Players.

  • Time Commitment and Frequency

    Time: 45 - 90 mins. Possibly up to 3 hours total. On occasion we will do 2x day per session.

    How Frequent: 1-2 session, 6x per week on average

  • Equipment Needed + Experience Level

    Equipment: Free weights, machines, pull-up bar, rower, skierg, assault bike, standard bicycle (or stationary) sled, plyo boxes, KBs, DBs, resistance bands. Substitution options available.

    Experience Level: Any. Scaled to your fitness capabilities