I originally started my training focused on being a body builder and model. For years I studied every book and athlete that I could to best understand how to shape the body to look like a statue. Eventually I grew tired of being an athlete that could only perform in the mirror, so I branched out of the gym to chase competition worldwide. During all of my years of sport there is still a heavy focus on looking like a star while performing like a star.

This program is designed for performance in both the mirror and any challenge that an athlete may face on any given day. I took out all of the cardio and extra work that would be necessary to compete at the highest level of sport and packaged the most important work into 4 days in the gym.

Most of these workouts will take 45-90 minutes to complete, meaning that you are spending less than an hour a day in the gym while still being able to look and feel like a champion. Sometimes less is more and that is what I made this program for!

$19.99 Monthly Program Includes:

-Shredding, strength and aesthetic conditioning.

-4 days of workouts per week.

-Tag @HAOSTraining progress pics to be featured on social media.

-Easy to use app!