Who is LGN for?
LGN is for those looking to prioritize aesthetics without sacrificing fitness. The workouts are geared towards getting ripped and strong with effective programming that makes the most of your precious time.

What to expect from the LGN program:
LGN typically involves 4 days in the gym per week, with 1-2 days of rest or cardio in addition. Most of the strength workouts are inspired by typical bodybuilding - focused on hypertrophy and making gains, while the cardio focuses on burning fat with a combo of high-intensity intervals and low-intensity steady state work.

What equipment is necessary for LGN?
Members of the LGN program will want access to most traditional gym equipment in order to complete most of the strength and circuit workouts, but some substitutions can be made if there is a piece of equipment you might be missing. Free weights are especially important in this program.

$19.99 Monthly Program Includes:

-Shredding, strength and aesthetic conditioning.

-4 days of workouts per week.

-Tag @HAOSTraining progress pics to be featured on social media.

-Easy to use app!