LGN (Look Good Naked) is primarily a bodybuilding and aesthetic based program with some added emphasis on conditioning.

While Pro is designed as a more athletic, hybrid program, LGN will encompass more volume work on your compound lifts; more isolation accessory work with machines and more supersets.

In LGN, we won’t be performing nearly as much running volume; however, it still encompasses plentiful metabolic conditioning drills, including sprint work!

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  • Who is this for?

    If you are looking to set your primary goal on bodybuilding. You want to become bigger, stronger, or cut and lean out whil still retaining a high degree of functionality with overall functional fitness.

  • Time Commitment and Frequency

    Time: 45- 90 mintues on average per day.

    How Frequent: 1 session, 5-6x per week on average.

  • Equipment Needed + Experience Level

    Equipment: Free weights, machines, pull-up bar, plyo boxes, KBs, Dumbbells, resistance bands. Substitution options are available.

    Experience Level: Any. Many Advanced Movements are required. Scaled to your fitness capabilities.