Back To The Roots

My fitness career started back in 2010 when I was living on my brother's couch in New York working as a floor trainer at NY Sports Club. As I was saving up money so I could pass my certifications.

I put in the grunt work and cleaned up the studio floor re-racking 1,000's of pounds of weight every day.

My training equipment consisted of a TRX Strap and a pair of Kettle Bells because that is all I could afford.

Since those humble beginnings, I have won 9 World Titles and 4 World Records. I was Sports Illustrated Top 50 fittest athletes.

I currently hold 8 certifications and have worked with companies all over the world including Soul Cycle, NY Sports Club, Malibu Fitness and Beachbody. I have realized though without a platform to teach on, all this knowledge was unlocked potential.

I decided to start HAOS Training a.k.a Hunter's Academy of Strength. (pronounced house) in 2018. I welcome you to join my virtual platform which is a global community. At this Academy, we educate athletes to look their best, be their best and compete at their highest level.

Join the team below. # TEAM HAOS.

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  • Commit Today

    "You don't need to be a world champion to do these programs, We all have a starting point. My goal for you at HAOS Training is to improve, not win.

    -Hunter McIntyre

  • #TeamHAOS

    You Are Here For A Reason

    Whether your next goal is to become an Olympic gold medalist or become the fittest HAOS Mom on the block. HUNTER’S ACADEMY OF STRENGTH CAN HELP GET YOU THERE.  

  • Our Mission

    1. EDUCATE This is an Academy. Our platform is based off over a decade worth of training. If you want to learn anything about fitness, wellness, or racing, you have come to the right place.

    2. Motivate We are all about community and mindset. If you can have a community with the right mindset, you can accomplish anything

    3. Dominate Whether you are here to race or just work out. We want you to dominate your goals. Win in whatever your agenda may be. Don't look good, look GREAT! Don't show up, be the best you can be! Don't just compete, be a contender for your age group or world title!