Hunter Mcintyre started as a trainer in NYC in 2010. He worked the floor at various gyms putting away people's plates,10's of thousands of pounds per day.

He was living on his brothers couch while getting his certifications so he could start personal training clients.

Fast forward toto 2018, I started HAOS TRAINING, Hunters Academy of strength , which is a virtual platform used around the world to EDUCATE and grow THE FITNESS community. 

You don't need to be a world champion to do these programs, WE ALL HAVE A STARTING POINT, OUR GOAL IS TO IMPROVE NOT WIN. We are training Thousands of athletes  and people ALL around the world each year to BE THEIR BEST. 

Whether your next goal is to become an olympic gold medalist, OR become the fittest HAOS Mom  on the block HUNTER’S ACADEMY OF STRENGTH CAN HELP GET YOU THERE

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  • Companies he's worked for

    Soul Cycle, NY Sports Club, Malibu Fitness, Beachbody, Fitaid and Pure Specturm, TV Shows including Broke Skull Ranch with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Boundless, and Million Dollar Mile

  • Background

    8- Certifications, 9 world titles, 4 world records, SI top 50 fittest people

  • Why It Matters

    Even with All those accolades and certifications without a platform to teach to the masses, these seemed futile to have.