Timber Sports Athlete - Turbo Tom

Timber Sports Athlete - Turbo Tom

What are Timber Sports?

Turbo Tom is a professional timber sport athlete who has been participating in the sport for years. Timber sports originated from the techniques and skills used by loggers in the early 19th century to harvest timber. The modern-day sport includes activities like log rolling, pole climbing, and chopping, as well as chainsaw work.

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How to Become a Professional Athlete?

Tom got involved in timber sports when he was 16 years old and started participating in lumberjack shows, which are mock competitions that are organized in a family-friendly way. He initially got into the sport as a summer gig, but with the resources available, he soon started to compete professionally, starting with speed climbing.

Timber Sports

How to Train for Timber Sports?

The main difference between the 60-foot and 90-foot speed climbing is the stamina required. The 60-foot climb is traditional and requires a different skill set compared to the 90-foot open climb.

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Tom mentions that it is challenging to get into the sport as one needs to know someone who can guide them through it, and resources such as the equipment used are hard to find. Nevertheless, he mentions that he still loves the sport and considers it as a fun summer gig that he started with his best friends, and now he has been able to make a career out of it.